Coronavirus risk cited as EU unveils plan to block entry into Europe by Americans

As the European Union prepares to begin allowing outsiders to enter its 27 member countries again on Wednesday, July 1, it has been drawing up a list of countries from which visitors won't be welcome, at least initially, owing to these countries' inability to control their coronavirus outbreak – and one of the countries reported to be on this list is the United States.

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Little-known Irving Berlin song celebrates payment of one’s taxes

If the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has recently issued a call for a songwriter to come up with a melody celebrating the paying of one’s income taxes, we aren’t aware of it.

Back in 1942, though, Irving Berlin apparently didn’t even need to be asked to write I Paid My Income Tax Today, according to historical records...

Wisconsin’s Thun Financial plans expat and int’l client business growth after acquisition by major U.S. RIA

 Thun Financial Advisors, a Madison, Wisconsin-based advisory firm that over the past 12 years has managed to build a business servicing some 500 clients in more than 50 countries around the world, is planning to grow its business catering to U.S. expats and international clients of other nationalities, after it’s acquired over the next few months by Creative Planning, one of the largest Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms in the U.S.

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Uncle Sam wants YOU… to vote!

Uncle Sam wants YOU… to vote!

Many overseas Americans – even more, in percentage terms, than their homeland counterparts – don’t vote.  A common attitude among such expats is expressed by one thirtysomething New Yorker, who was...