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The American Expat Financial News Journal aims to cover a wide range of topics that are of interest to Americans living overseas as well as to those who provide financial services to such individuals and their families, including financial advisers, tax specialists, insurance brokers, family offices and private banks.

Like all good publications in the financial services space, we believe that some of the best content we will ever publish will be that which is supplied to us by our readers, who are experts in highly-technical, constantly-evolving fields, and who rely on news websites like ours to provide a forum in which they and their colleagues can discuss the key issues of the day.
If you are such a thought leader and would be willing to share your thoughts on a subject that you believe others would like to read, please let us know.

Possibly you have any topics in mind that we have yet to hear about: In which case, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Some guidelines

We would welcome serious thoughts on any pertinent new issue that you might consider of interest to our readership.

We should mention that we are a non-partisan, professional news organization, so content that is of either an explicitly-political or implicitly-political nature will not be accepted.

We also reserve the right not to publish submitted content in its entirety, for space or other reasons, and to edit the content to make it more “journalistic” and otherwise readable, which we would only do in consultation with the contributor and their organization. (In our experience, contributors are usually grateful for a bit of constructive tweaking of their content).

Our policy is to publish the name and title of all of our contributors, along with their photograph, and normally, a brief sentence or two about them, and their organization.

We prefer that the articles you give us haven’t been published anywhere else but in situations in which they have, we need to know, as we would need to mention this fact.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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