U.S./European group claims EU discriminates by barring 'U.S. Persons' from Covid bonds

A recently-formed alliance of "accidental Americans" in the Netherlands and a group calling itself Bi-National European Investment Bankers (BiNEIB) is urging the European Parliament to end what they call the "discriminatory, fundamental rights-violating" practice of prohibiting U.S. citizens resident in the EU, as well as EU/U.S. dual citizens, from being able to purchase so-called EU SURE and Next Generation EU (NGEU) bonds.

PETI petitioner calls on EU to exempt EU-resident 'U.S. persons' from MiFID II/PRIIPs rules

An American resident in the Netherlands who, like many other American expats in Europe, has been frustrated by his inability to invest in the vast majority of regulated investment products because of his "EU-resident, 'U.S. Person'" status, is calling on the EU Parliament to exempt him and others in this category, on request, from its MiFID II (Market in Financial Instruments Directive II) and PRIIPs (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products) regulations.

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Issue of alleged FATCA-related breaches of EU law poised to move to center stage, as latest PETI petition filed

The Nederlandse Accidental Americans (NLAA), an organization that advocates on behalf of accidental Americans who are residents and citizens of the Netherlands, has joined forces with a group representing some individual European investment bankers and former bankers to file a petition calling for change in the way that the EU allows companies and governments to share the personal and financial data of so-called "accidental Americans" who happen also to be EU citizens. 

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Ass'n of Accidental Americans: Lithuanian authorities agree on apparent need to revisit FATCA

A top official at Lithuania's State Data Protection Inspectorate (SDPI) has told the founder of the main European advocacy organization representing "accidental Americans" that his department shares the Association of Accidental Americans' belief that a recent EU Court of Justice (CJEU) decision had "indeed made a change" in the way personal data transfers to third countries should be carried out.

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Looming confrontation seen between U.S. and its FATCA signatories, as 'FATCA II' takes shape in Washington

As the dust begins to settle on the latest revelation of the gap between what America's wealthiest are paying in federal income taxes, and ordinary, law-abiding American taxpayers are – which came earlier this week, in the form of a major report by the non-profit, New York-based ProPublica investigative journalism organization – expat Americans, tax experts and others are seeing a growing confrontation developing.

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