A brief Bright!Tax Guide: How expats can catch up with their U.S. tax filing obligations

'Tax Day' for Americans living outside of the U.S. was on June 15. But not everyone who should have filed their 2020 U.S. tax returns by that date will know that.

Because, as Allyson Lindsey, Bright!Tax partner and managing Certified Public Accountant explains below, millions of Americans who currently live overseas have failed to file U.S. tax returns covering one or one or more years that they should have...

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U.S. passport revocation law comes to Expatland

 In 2015, Congress enacted a law that would revoke the passports of U.S. citizens who were “seriously delinquent” on their U.S. taxes. The enforcement threshold was set relatively high, however – at US$50,000 in outstanding tax, interest and penalties. (A provision was included to adjust annually for inflation going forward, so the amount now stands at US$51,000.) 

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Essential Financial Acronyms for Americans Living Abroad

Essential Financial Acronyms for Americans Living Abroad

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