AXFNJ Podcast: Bangkok-based Peggy Creveling of Creveling & Creveling, on 16 years advising American expats in the 'Land of Smiles'

In November of 1993, Peggy Creveling arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, to meet up with her husband, Chad, whom she'd met at the well-known U.S. military academy of West Point some years before.

As she explained to me recently, he was busy that day, working on the Stanford, University internship that had brought him there. Left to her own devices, Peggy decided to explore the city, by herself, on foot.

Dems Abroad calls on U.S. education, student aid officials to resolve expat issues involved in Fed Student Loan Relief applications

The Democrats Abroad has told top officials in the U.S. Department of Education and its Federal Student Aid arm that they urgently need to fix certain problems that currently are preventing American expats from being able to apply for the recently-launched program that's designed to provide financial relief to Americans with outstanding government-provided student loans.

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Federal appeals court decision temporarily halting Biden student debt relief plan interrupts expat access enabling efforts

A federal appeals court has temporarily halted a recently-unveiled Biden administration program designed to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of federal student loan debt held by American citizens – even as government officials had evidently been struggling to enable those living overseas to apply, as a result of technical difficulties having to do with accessing and submitting the necessary forms.

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You really know you’re an American expat when…

You really know you’re an American expat when…

Like folks everywhere, Americans are often surprised to discover how different things can be when they live abroad. Sometimes the differences are small; sometimes they're massive. Often they can be...