updated 8:46 PM CEST, Jun 30, 2020

Events listing

A regular listing of events taking place around the world for American expatriates.    

June 24: 'Financial planning for U.S. expats living in Italy' webinar

Dunhill Financial, the Brian Dunhill-founded wealth management company that specializes in looking after Americans in the UK and Europe, will host a free webinar on Wednesday, June 24, for Americans living in Italy, or who are planning to.

According to Dunhill, the webinar “will look at how to overcome the real and perceived hurdles for U.S. taxpayer residents in Italy”, as well as how such individuals “may efficiently plan their finances and invest without tripping up along the way”.

Marylouise Serrato, executive director of the American Citizens Abroad (ACA), a Washington, DC-based advocacy organization representing overseas Americans, will also present an update of its advocacy efforts, and ways that the organization can help expats living in Italy. Other participants are scheduled to include American International Club of Rome president Silvia Anna Zamarripa, and Tom Goold and Adam Smith, of Rome-based wealth managers Valiant Wealth.

The webinar will begin at 3:30pm Central European Summer Time (2:30pm British Summer Time), and will end with a brief Q&A session. Advance registration is required.

Those wishing to participate in the webinar should click here to do so.

July 15: Dunhill Financial webinar: 'Second Quarter Economic Update'

Dunhill Financial, the Brian Dunhill-founded wealth management company, will host a free webinar on Wednesday, July 15, during which Dunhill will lead a discussion and analysis of the world economy as it looks at that point, as the second-quarter comes to an end, and what they future is likely to hold in store for investors. 

The webinar will begin at 2:30pm British Summer Time (3:30pm CEST) and will run for about an hour, ending with a Q&A session. For more information and to sign up for the webinar, click here.

July 22: Charles Schwab: 'Global Markets – What You Need to Know'

Charles Schwab, the San Francisco-based, NYSE-listed financial services brokerage firm and wealth manager, will be holding a live webinar that it says is aimed at helping its clients "plan and keep on track" with their financial goals. The session will provide "information about ways to leverage resources for investing, planning, trading and researching investments", according to the company. 

To register to participate in the webinar, which will begin at 2pm Greenwich Summer Time (3pm in mainland Europe, 8am New York time, 7am Chicago time), and which will be be presented by Schwab director of international research, Michelle Gibley, CFA, click here.  

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