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Events listing

A regular listing of events taking place around the world for American expatriates.  

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October 2019

October 10: B Corporation U.K.’s ‘B Inspired Day' in London

B Lab, the Pennsylvania-based organization behind the increasingly important, so-called B Corporation certification – which companies seek to obtain as proof of their adoption of a high standard of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability – is holding a day of events that it says are aimed at exporing "the rapidly changing role of business in society," while also celebrating those businesses "that are redefining their contribution" to the public good.

The event will feature what the B Lab organization describes as "a series of TED-style talks, kitchen table discussions and ‘fireside’ chats" that it says will explore "what we need to do now and tomorrow, to create an inclusive and durable economy for all." 

London "B Inspired Day" will take place at the Bridge Theatre, 3 Potters Field Park, south of the Thames near Tower Bridge and Tooley Street, beginning at 10am and lasting until 5pm. Tickets, which are now going at around £200 each, as the discount period has ended, may be reserved by clicking here.   

October 11 - 13: Democrats Abroad's 2019 EMEA Regional Meeting in Athens 

The Democrats Abroad will hold its 2019 regional meeting for Europe, the Middle East and Africa from Friday, Oct. 11 through Sunday, Oct 13 in Athens. The event will bring together leaders, volunteers and special guests, with the aim of preparing for the 2020 elections, and will include a "gala dinner".  For information click here. 

October 17: U.S. Internal Revenue Service's 'free webinars' on taxes for 'people working abroad' and foreign tax credits 

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service will broadcast two free one-hour webinars, at 11a.m. and 2p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Both will feature a live Q&A. The first session, “Tax Obligations of U.S. Individuals Living and Working Abroad”, will address such topics as the tax obligations of U.S. citizens and resident aliens abroad and the requirements  for claiming the foreign earned income exclusion. The second session, "An Overview of the Foreign Tax Credit," will cover such topics as the effect of residency status on U.S. taxation; residency status under U.S. immigration law as compared with U.S. tax law; how an individual's residency status for U.S. tax purposes is determined; and special tax rules that apply to dual-status aliens.

To register for the first session, "Tax Obligations of U.S. Individuals Living and Working Abroad,”  click here.  

To register for the second session, "An Overview of the Foreign Tax Credit," click here. 

November 2019

November 17: American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce's 17th annual CSR conference, 'We Are The Change Generation,' at the Benaki Museum, Pireos, Athens  

This year's 17th annual CSR conference is being held in conjunction with the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce's own Corporate Responsibility Committee. The event is designed to enable delegates to build their CSR awareness, learn about new opportunities, and develop more meaningful corporate social responsibility practices. This year's conference, the organizers say, "will focus on four pillars: What Worries Us, What Changes Us, What Inspires Us, What is Next." The event's CSR Marketplace initiative, meanwhile, will "showcase best practices by companies, designed to promote more interaction, dialogue, and sharing among conference participants." More information on the event may be found by clicking here.