updated 2:11 PM CET, Oct 31, 2023

AXFNJ Podcast: American expat adviser Jimmy Miller talks John Richardson through the basics of 'divorcing the IRS'

"It's not that people plan to fail, it's that they fail to plan," is one of the favorite sayings of James ("Jimmy") Miller, the American founder and principal of Baobab Wealth Management, who, as he explained to the AXFNJ's John Richardson last month, had been living in Moscow, Russia, for the past four years, until the Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February. At which point he, his wife and their young son were forced to race to join the thousands of other non-Russians who were hopping any plane they could get to leave the country...

Miller's almost hour-long chat with Richardson about his and family's experiences in Russia makes for spell-binding listening, (and is still available to listen to by clicking here).

But Miller and Richardson didn't stop there. Because last year, Miller published a book entitled Divorce the IRS: How to Defuse your Biggest Tax Time Bombs Before You Retire" – and Richardson, having read that book, had a number of questions he just couldn't wait to ask the still-jet-lagged author.

To hear Richardson put these questions to Miller, and to hear Miller's response, in their second AXFNJ podcast, click here...

More information about the book may be found at www.divorce-the-irs.com/ , while more information about Miller and various resources he provides to American expats may be found at Baobab Wealth Abroad. His email address, he says, is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To read the AXFNJ's story about Miller's book when it first came out last year, which contains background about Baobab Wealth (Miller's company) and Miller himself, click here.

Divorce the IRS: How to Defuse Your Biggest Tax Time Bombs Before You Retire is available from Amazon in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions. The paperback retails for US$13.33 on Amazon in the States,  £12.11 in the UK; Barnes & Noble in the U.S. is selling it at US$15.99. The Kindle edition is US$6.98 in the U.S. via Amazon, and £5.29 in the UK.